November 25, 2019
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What if you find
out you aren’t
you thought you

You thought you were all street-style all the time.
Nothing was too punk or gritty
or rad for you. But
last night, in a dream, the truth was revealed to you.

Turns out your spirit animal is none other
than–drumroll– Babe Paley,
the chicest
style icon in American history.

OK so Mrs. Paley was not technically an animal, but
you get my drift. Overnight, your entire personal style
has changed. Don’t try to fight it: surrender to the
chic simplicity of a Celine
trouser and the elegance of
an olive green Manolo Blahnik, and the subtle
surrealism of
Hermes. And then redo your entire
apartment to vibe with your outfit. No big deal.

Babe Paley style inspo Babe Paley style inspo

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