pillow party:


You and your sofa are in a long-term relationship, but that
doesn't mean you can't spice it up.

New pillows = new room. Whether you prefer masculine and mod, luxe and light, or hypercolor haute couture, mixing pillows is a varsity undertaking. Here’s how.

Don't fight it

The Basics

Size Matters

Play with scale. A sofa with pillows all the same style can feel like a lineup. The larger the size, the loungier the vibe.

Textural Healing

Nubby, slubby, smooth, soft. A little bit of everything and everyone will want to take a seat.

Color Your World

For the commitment-phobic, pillows add color and life more easily than adding a colorful sofa. This is your chance to be bold.

Select for Squish

Pretty isn't the only point. With our feather down insert, you'll definitely lean in.


Off-kilter in the best way. One large square pillow with a smaller, rectangular pillow arranged on one side of the sofa with another large square pillow opposite. Asymmetrical but balanced.


Here, repeat your pairing of a large square pillow plus a small rectangular or square pillow on both sides. Up the ante by creating a focal point in the middle of your sofa with one pillow floating in the center.


Button things up with two big square pillows in the center of the sofa with a small pillow in front for maximum crispness.


The trick is keeping it cohesive. A smattering of patterns and textures in a similar shade helps it all hang together.


Now you're living. Mix with abandon. Bigs and smalls. Play with pattern. As long as you love the mix, you're bona fide boho. Be confident: If you love it, it will work.

Collect Them All

Our pillow collections are designed and curated to include a mix of patterns, scale, and sizes—so you can just grab the set and set them out flawlessly.

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Design Your Own

Customize it with 48 colors, 33 patterns, and squillions of possibilities.

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The History of
Our First Pillow

"The origin story is a typical origin story. I met some incredible weavers in Peru, sketched a bunch of simple graphic pillows on a proverbial cocktail napkin. They came out just right and they are still in my collection today. The profound truth is when you find beautiful craftsmanship and impeccable materials, the simplest gesture is all you need. I went very clean—mixing modern patterns with traditional techniques. It added soul to modernity and a new layer of excitement to hardcore craft."