The Making of:

Glass Menagerie

An object's surprising journey from idea to reality

"For years I've been tinkering with the process of melting glass into clay. Works well on flat tiles, but not-so-much on vases. My challenge was to create voluminous forms that could lie flat on their backs to collect the pools of glass, but still work as three-dimensional sculptures."

"I pared down the animals to their most elemental forms, and carved out wells for the glass. Before firing, we fill the wells with chunks of recycled glass from Portland's famous Bullseye Glass Co."

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"We fire the pieces on their backs. As the glass cools and pools, it crackles slightly. The finishing touch–after firing, we rub wax onto the clay to make it soft to the touch."

"I love the Glass Menagerie because it combines my two passions: craft and design. I hope you dig it too."

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