The Right Rug

Choosing the right rug requires some know-how.
Read ahead for the tips to a foundation you'll lay down and die for.

Size Matters


When you can, go big. A giant, generous rug that covers your entire floor plan has enough room to float all of your furniture, creating the sense of expansive space.

11x11 Large Rug Jonathan Adler
11x11 Large Rug Jonathan Adler

4x6 or 5x7

In front of a sofa and under a cocktail table, a smaller rug adds visual interest and is a major pattern-opportunity. A small rug by the side of your bed is always a treat for your tootsies.

The Great
Leg Debate

Should chairs be half-on?
Half-off? Not on at all?

Controversy brews on just how much furniture should sit on or off the rug. We're Switzerland on this one. As long as your rug feels connected to the floor plan at large, we approve.

Small Rug Jonathan Adler

Material Issue

Treat your feet to something you'll enjoy walking on.
We searched high (mountain-top-high, in fact) and low to find the best materials.
Flat-weave Peruvian Rugs

Hardworking miracles, thanks to the wool of llamas and alpacas that live in at the higher altitudes. Their climate's colder temps make for especially soft and dense fur—leading to softer and more durable rugs. Better yet, the fibers are stain-resistant and hypoallergenic.

The fibers are hand loomed by artisans—found through our partnership with Aid to Artisans—in Peru using our proprietary double-weave technique. Unlike kilims and dhurries produced in India and Turkey, our method creates an inversed pattern on each side. The result: not a repeat, but a complementary rug, so it's not just reversible, but reversible into a fresh look.

They make a traditional space feel a little more modern—and a modern space feel more alive.

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Banana Silk Rugs

Layer on luster with the slight twinkly of our craftsman woven. Hand-knotted from cellulose fibers, the neutral, yet variegated, tones and simple patterns get an additional lift from luminous materials. Plant-based fibers are converted to silky threads and woven into a chic, cushy texture.

The silk sheen is accentuated with eco-friendly jute accents. Jute requires a humid climate and copious rainfall to cultivate, and then additional H2O to loosen its strong threads enough for weaving. We use jute capsularis (white) and olitorious (tossa) to complement the more glamorous tones of our viscose for a rug that feels decadent yet grounded.

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Abaca Rugs

For a stronger presence than a flat-weave mat, we love abaca. Abaca is an inedible banana plant grown primarily in the Philippines and used for everything from picnic plates to paper to roofing. Also known as Manila Hemp or Musa, the fibers are famous for their durability and strength. Strands are sorted by size and woven using a generation's old technique.

The result is substantially thicker and softer than sisal, making it the perfect choice for a room where you're dying to shed your shoes.

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Pile It on

Feeling dense about the whole pile issue?

Here's the long and short of it. Pile is the density of a rug's fibers, so a flat rug has short while a long rug is shaggy. Long pile rugs read as super luxe—but their panache is best reserved for low-traffic areas. Short-pile shouldn't get the short-shaft though.

Many flatter options are just as finely crafted. We're pro choice: just pick a pile that adds patina to your pad. Boring machine-made rugs feel like bad carpet while a dynamic, hand-crafted option provides soul for your soles.

Pile It On

Pick Your Palette

Neutral, Never Boring

The ticket to a soft, dreamy scape is to opt for a light, neutral color with a minimal motif.

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Color Theory

Pair subtle furnishings with a strong color or pattern. Medium-sized repeats, particularly of the geometric variety, provide contrast without feeling visually crowded. As your eye anticipates the pattern's rhythm, it can relax and enjoy the sophisticated ride.

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Create Your Own

Like the pattern, but not the color?
Or love the color, but hate the pattern?

Our custom program offers endless possibilities to suit your style.

Customize It