Jonathan + Simon's First Valentine's Day:

Twenty-five Years Ago, It All Went to Pot

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan revisit their first quarter century—a tale of tea towels, truffles, and Lacoste.

SD: WTF. Time flies. Twenty-five years ago you were just a clay-spattered potter with a dream... and a tea towel.

JA: Wha...

SD: When I would visit you at your studio, I would find you napping on a clay-spattered sofa with a tea towel draped over your eyes.

JA: Give me a break. I was wedging clay and throwing pots all day so needed a long nap in the afternoon.

SD: I would come in wearing my fancy Prada suits...

JA: That's why I gave you the nickname Truffles. You seemed very "posh" to me. Like a champagne Truffle, in a suit.

SD: ...and you would show me all the new stuff you were making.

JA: On our first Valentine’s Day - 1994? - I made you a vase with a heart.

SD: On the back it says TRUFFLES, so for the next twenty-five years I have had to answer the same question: Why is the word 'truffles' written on that vase?

JA: Sorry for the inconvenience. BTW what did you give me?

SD: I think I bought you a couple of Lacoste shirts. That was your look back then.

JA: Still is.

SD: And my nickname is still 'Truffles.' I'm still posh.


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