As Jacqueline Susann's seminal novel marks a milestone, we had to reflect on its impact on our culture—and, of course, JA's designs.

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"'Valley' hits on all levels," Jonathan says. "The gay canon tends to include tragic heroines, check; outré hair, check; glamour, check. And most importantly, that ineffable thing: camp. Camp is hard to define, but Simon did it best in his book Beautiful People. As soon as you finish reading Valley of the Dolls, go pick up his beautiful tome."

But it is more than just a campy read. The book (and 1967 movie) inspired plenty to indulge beyond pharmaceuticals. The layered luxury and high-wattage Hollywood style feels fabulously today. Do as Ann, Nealy, and Jennifer would have done and add some punchy pops to your abode. We promise it'll be side effect-free.

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Jacqueline Susann

Jacqueline Susann wrote the novel on a pink typewriter, and according to Whitney Robinson, manager of Susann's estate, she knew the power of image. "Jackie embraced the fashion trends of the time, but it wasn't just about labels,” Robinson says. "Rather, Jackie developed that rarest of things in Hollywood: a signature 'look', which she complemented with cat-eye makeup, false eyelashes, and a super-high, jet black, waterfall hairdo.

Many of the visuals people reference today as
Valley of the Dolls are interpretations of Jacqueline Susann's personal style!"

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